Overcomer Fitness is two sided. First and foremost the mission is to ultimately bring unbelievers to know Jesus as there Lord and Savior and use fitness as an avenue to do so, also, to challenge and encourage them and the body of Christ to engage in not only and active lifestyle but a healthy lifestyle as well.

True, from Toledo Ohio, presents a hip-hop alternative offering hope and truth to encourage and empower listeners. With over five projects and international ministry engagements, True is sounding the clarion call for revival to his generation.

Westside Community Church – An expression of The Church in Toledo is our parent church, providing mentoring, encouragement and fellowship in ministry.

ATMi are first and foremost a relationship—based ministry. We are first of all related to
the Lord and His word. Second, we recognize that we are related to all that honor His
Name. Third, we are related in a very practical, functional way with all who choose to join
with us in our sphere of labors and doctrinal convictions – the ATM network or family of